Goodbye knee

Hello knee, we've had an amazing life together. From crawling, to first steps, to running and jumping. Then there was skateboarding, jumping off of walls and kickball. Oh and then there was the sports; Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Running and Cycling. You took some beating, but you always bounced back. There were many "crash and burns", falls, knocks, sprains and bruises. You always seemed to come back as good as new.


There were all of the work years too, running around restaurants, climbing up on shelves, walking sales routes, carrying heavy loads. They always say if you need to pick up something heavy, squat down and use your legs, what they really mean is use your knees. 

20 years of Outrigger canoe paddling wasn't as easy on you as it sounds, you were pounding against the side of the canoe every stroke of the paddle.

Then there was that freak slip on a wet walkway after a rain shower, I fell right on you, damn that hurt, and there was a large gash. It took me a few days of icing you up with no improvement before I saw the Doctor. An X-ray and MRI later confirmed and torn ACL You were a great sport about it, you hung in there through the physical therapy, it took a while, but you actually got better. That was 5 years ago. 

in 2016, there were few painful days, but you seemed to be doing fine, till that fateful day, when you buckled on the second from the bottom step of a stairway outside our home. That was a rather violent fall, I knew this one was bad, unfortunately, there was also a hurricane warning the same day, so I couldn't get into the Doctor till 4 days later. You were in bad shape, walking was painful, stairs were impossible. When I finally got the X-ray and MRI; complete tear of ACL. Oh and there was also the cumulative damage of the meniscus  cartilage and of course arthritis. There was really only one option.


It took a year to finally get to where i could get to where I could do something about it, some other health issues got in the way.

Buddy, you're in bad shape. It pains me to see you go, but there no other way, you're being replaced. It's sad to think that a part of me is being removed, but I will get back in the saddle and honor our history. 

Goodbye knee