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INTERISHERE: The Movie | Inter back in the Champions League From #InterIsComing to #InterIsHere. Coinciding with the launch of our partnership with Mastercard, we present to you #InterIsHere: the Movie. This will present all the emotions from the last 12 months condensed into an audio-visual long-form, as produced by Inter Media House.

Goodbye knee

Hello knee, we've had an amazing life together. From crawling, to first steps, to running and jumping. Then there was skateboarding, jumping off of walls and kickball. Oh and then there was the sports; Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Running and Cycling. You took some beating, but you always bounced back. There were many "crash and burns", falls, knocks, sprains and bruises. You always seemed to come back as good as new.


There were all of the work years too, running around restaurants, climbing up on shelves, walking sales routes, carrying heavy loads. They always say if you need to pick up something heavy, squat down and use your legs, what they really mean is use your knees. 

20 years of Outrigger canoe paddling wasn't as easy on you as it sounds, you were pounding against the side of the canoe every stroke of the paddle.

Then there was that freak slip on a wet walkway after a rain shower, I fell right on you, damn that hurt, and there was a large gash. It took me a few days of icing you up with no improvement before I saw the Doctor. An X-ray and MRI later confirmed and torn ACL You were a great sport about it, you hung in there through the physical therapy, it took a while, but you actually got better. That was 5 years ago. 

in 2016, there were few painful days, but you seemed to be doing fine, till that fateful day, when you buckled on the second from the bottom step of a stairway outside our home. That was a rather violent fall, I knew this one was bad, unfortunately, there was also a hurricane warning the same day, so I couldn't get into the Doctor till 4 days later. You were in bad shape, walking was painful, stairs were impossible. When I finally got the X-ray and MRI; complete tear of ACL. Oh and there was also the cumulative damage of the meniscus  cartilage and of course arthritis. There was really only one option.


It took a year to finally get to where i could get to where I could do something about it, some other health issues got in the way.

Buddy, you're in bad shape. It pains me to see you go, but there no other way, you're being replaced. It's sad to think that a part of me is being removed, but I will get back in the saddle and honor our history. 

Goodbye knee



A Sci-Fi, fantasy inspired by anime and classic horror, Dust is set in a harsh and unpredictable natural environment where people have isolated themselves in an ancient city behind a massive wall. A socially marginalized tracker teams up with a black-market merchant to save the society that has rejected his way of life. This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the Kickstarter community. Cast: Irezumi - Mashasi Odate Medicine Merchant - Michael Evans Lopez Written By: Jason Gallaty, Josh Grier & Mike Grier Director of Photography: Michael Nie Art Director: Eoin Colgan Music: Theophany (Jason Gallaty) VFX Supervisors: Philip McGuire, Hunter Schmidt, Andrew Thompson Dust is Directed by Mike Grier and is an Ember Lab production. To find out more about the Film and Ember Lab visit: Awards: Dragon Con - Best Film Hollyshorts - Best Sci-Fi Filmquest - Best of Fest Filmquest - Best VFX Filmquest - Best Art Direction Filmquest - Best Cinematography Worldfest - Remi Award Winner

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WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM presents POLI'AHU, a timelapse trip above the clouds to Mauna Kea in Hawaii, an inactive volcano 14,000 feet above sea level. Much of the mountain is under water; when measured from its oceanic base, Mauna Kea is over 10,000 m (33,000 ft) tall. In Hawaiian mythology, Poliʻahu is one of the four goddesses of snow, thought to reside on Mauna Kea. Today, the mountain is known as one of the most important land-based astronomical research centers in the world. Our light pollution project WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM has taken us all across the continent to some of the most incredible dark sky locations, but the night sky quality here was absolutely stunning. We really lucked out with a crystal clear night and one of the best milky ways we've ever seen. You can even see the faint glow of the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater from the active Kīlauea Volcano at 2:41 (bottom right) and at 3:02. Very special thanks to everyone at NASA's Infrared Telescope Facility for their incredible support and access, allowing us to get the really cool interior perspective at 2:06. From University of Hawaii: "Mauna Kea is unique as an astronomical observing site. The atmosphere above the mountain is extremely dry -- which is important in measuring infrared and submillimeter radiation from celestial sources - and cloud-free, so that the proportion of clear nights is among the highest in the world. The exceptional stability of the atmosphere above Mauna Kea permits more detailed studies than are possible elsewhere, while its distance from city lights and a strong island-wide lighting ordinance ensure an extremely dark sky, allowing observation of the faintest galaxies that lie at the very edge of the observable Universe." Shot by Gavin Heffernan ( and Harun Mehmedinovic ( SKYGLOW is endorsed by the International Dark Sky Association Download Stills Here: Music: "Genesis One" by David O'Brien / Chris Egan and "E Ala E" by Pualani Kanahele. Special Thanks: Alan Tokunaga, Lars Bergknut, Dawn Pamarang, Brian McOuat, Nasa Infrared Telescope Facility, University of Hawaii, Mauna Kea Observatories, Hawaii Film Office, International Dark Sky Association. ------- Timelapse artists and filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović are proud to introduce WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM, a 192-page hardcover photobook and timelapse video series exploring North America’s remaining magnificent night skies and the increasing impact of light pollution on our highly fragile environment. A blend of images, stories, essays, and anecdotal captions, SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of celestial observation and the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting that spurred the rise of the phenomena known as “light pollution,” a grave threat not only to our incredible starscapes but also to the very ecosystem itself. After a highly publicized Kickstarter campaign that ended as the fourth-most earning Photobook campaign ever, Harun and Gavin traveled over 150,000 miles and logged more than 3,000,000 photos on their grueling three-year quest. From incredible locations like the active Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii to Alberta’s majestic Northern Lights, SKYGLOW takes viewers on a visual journey through time, exploring our civilization’s evolving relationship with light and the night sky through the ages. See how the ancient Puebloan archaeoastronomy sites of our native elders have now been replaced with the blinding “artificial day” of over-lit modern metropolises, and learn about the “Dark Sky Movement” fighting to reclaim the pristine darkness the Earth had enjoyed for billions of years. The importance of America’s threatened National Parks is also highlighted in a section of stunning landscapes from numerous parks, including Shenandoah, Yosemite, Acadia, Death Valley, Yellowstone and many more. Completed in collaboration with the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), SKYGLOW also explores the numerous towns and sites that IDA has identified as official “Dark-Sky” Communities, Cities, Parks, Reserves and Sanctuaries. Light pollution (aka “skyglow”) affects human health, animal migratory patterns, obstructs astronomy research and leads to over two billion dollars of lost energy every year in the USA. The book includes original essays on the subject from key science voices like BAD ASTRONOMY blogger / author Phil Plait, Eric Betz of ASTRONOMY MAGAZINE, and night sky crusader / poster artist Tyler Nordgren. Though this is the first time Heffernan and Mehmedinović have put their night sky photos in print, their SKYGLOW timelapse collaborations have been seen by over 50 million viewers, and featured in a vast array of media, like The Rolling Stones 2015 ZIP CODE stadium tour and their 2016 DESERT TRIP shows, the Roger Waters DESERT TRIP shows and his 2016 Mexico concerts.

FlightLapse #01

Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a longhaul pilot. Late evening departures lead to far distant destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo or J’burg. Depending on the direction of the flight the crew and the passengers either have a short night up ahead if flying eastbound or almost eternal darkness if headed westwards. Read the full article on:

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HAWAI’I VOLCANOES 8K is the culmination of several weeks spent filming in the rugged volcanic landscapes of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Situated on the island of Hawaii in the heart of the remote south pacific, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park boasts an awe-inspiring array of massive mountains, rare wildlife, and fiery volcanoes. Journey with More Than Just Parks as we discover an ever-growing land shaped by fire. This is Hawai’i Volcanoes. Filmed primarily in 8K. To see more National Park films or learn more about More Than Just Parks, visit our website: Licensing: Prints: Social: FB, Twitter:, Insta:, Email: Sony a7R II Canon 5D Mark III Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K Timelapse Gear: Pulse & Radian by Alpine Labs Stage One Motion Slider Plus with NMX by Dynamic Perception Music: La Mar "Still Wild" 100% of your donations go toward making more captivating short films like the ones we've already made.