Education is Key to a Healthy Community: Working with WHEA

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Ooma Beachside Village has an agreement in principle with the Department of Education ("DOE") for the payment of school impact fees to offset the impact of additional public school students on area schools anticipated by the project.  

In addition to contributing its fair share to the DOE, Ooma Beachside Village is making 3-acres of land available for a public charter school - the availability of land for a public charter school is over and above the full school impact fee with DOE.

The charter school site adjoins the Ooma recreational park facilities and it is anticipated that charter school students may use these facilities during the school day.

Initial discussions with West Hawaii Explorations Academy have occurred for WHEA to use the site for the expansion of its campus. Those discussions are ongoing.

Ooma Beachside Village Charter School Site
charter school site

Curtis Muraoka, Co-Director, West Hawaii Explorations Academy

"We support the approval of the O`oma Beachside Village.

Early on in their planning phase, we were visited by a representative of O`oma Beachside Village who was studying the educational elements in the nearby community. Subsequently, a public charter school was conceptualized into their plans to serve the immediate neighborhood, minimizing the impact of the development and providing future O`oma families a community based public education option right in their own neighborhood.

The O'oma proposal is the first to my knowledge where a developer was cognizant of the role public charter schools can play in enhancing the social fabric of their development.
I conceptualize this idea quite simply as establishing a neighborhood school as a clear benefit to the children who will live there.
I therefore believe that this element of the O'oma plan clearly shows forward-looking innovation, and indicates a larger vision is present in the thinking driving this development."

Members of the 'O'oma Beachside Villages Citizen Advisory Group
"Through periodic meetings and site visits, we worked with the developers on various issues of our individual and collective concerns and have served as a link back to the Kona community.

As the 'O'oma Beachside Village Citizen Advisory Group, we fully support the 'O'oma Beachside Village development.  The following are some of the many positive features of 'O'oma Beachside Village that we embraced:
    • listened to the community and is proposing a project completely different than prior planning proposals for the site
    • a project focused on the local primary residential market and not a second home, gated, golf course resort
    • pledge to provide a site for a public Charter School
    • emphasis on pedestrian/bike trails for walking and biking throughout the community
    • understanding, sensitivity and respect for native Hawaiian cultural issues
    • unmatched public coastal open space"
    PlaceMakers (County Consultant for Honokohau TOD & Kona CDP Design Guidelines)
    "'O'oma is an excellent example of a new planning paradigm that allows residents to live, work and play all in the same community. This Traditional Neighborhood Design approach is an alternative to conventional suburban sprawl and focuses on creating vibrant communities, preserving open space and reducing congestion by providing for residents' many day-to-day needs within the community, thus minimizing trips to outside areas."

    `O`oma is the right project, in the right place, being developed at the right time.

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