New patient protections

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This is a big week for all cancer patients, survivors and their families.

On September 23rd, as a part of the Affordable Care Act, a number of key patient protections go into effect that will improve the health care of those suffering from cancer.

Take a moment to learn what these improvements will mean for you and your loved ones. Then, use our simple tool to spread the good news to people you know who have been touched by cancer:

Six months after the signing of the Affordable Care Act, the following vital protections take effect on September 23rd:

  • Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions such as cancer;
  • Health plans can no longer cancel coverage when a patient gets sick, forcing them to pay for their care out of pocket;
  • Lifetime limits on the dollar amount of coverage are banned and annual limits are tightly restricted, meaning that patients won’t have to worry about suddenly losing their coverage.
These are just a few of the strong new protections afforded by the health care law, and more tough provisions will be going into effect in the future.

Since the law was signed in late March, a number of other important provisions have already taken effect, making health care more affordable for seniors and accessible for the previously uninsured.

Make sure you know your new health care rights. Learn more about the key provisions going into effect this week and help spread the word:


Brian Rubenstein


Posted via email from Relay For Life High Plains Division Blog