The Ad Contrarian Presents 10 Double Secret Facts about advertising.

  1. 1.99.9% of people who are served an online display ad do not click on it.

  1. 2.TV viewership is now at its highest point ever.

  1. 3.96% of all retail activity is done in a store. 4% is done on line.

  1. 4.DVR owners watch live TV 95% of the time. 5% of the time they watch recorded material.

  1. 5.99% percent of all video viewing is done on a television. 1% is done on line.

  1. 6.The difference in purchasing behavior between people who use DVRs to skip ads, and those who don’t: None.

  1. 7.Since the 1990s, click-through rates for banner ads have dropped 97.5%.

  1. 8.Since the introduction of TiVo, real time TV viewing has increased over 20%.

  1. 9.Baby boomers dominate 94% of all consumer packaged goods categories. 5% of advertising is aimed at them.

  1. 10. TV viewers are no more likely to leave the room during a commercial  break than they are before or after the break.

Rather Eye Opening Numbers

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