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American Cancer Society® - The Official Sponsor of Birthdays.®
A world with less cancer and more birthdays.
Dear Randy,

As someone who cares about fighting cancer, we want you to be one of the very first to check out an exciting new development in our movement for more birthdays. Last year, the American Cancer Society became "The Official Sponsor of Birthdays." Why? Because every day, 350 people who otherwise would have been lost to cancer will celebrate another birthday, thanks in part to the important work we're doing together. But we can't stop there.

This year, cancer will become the world's leading cause of death.* That's why we're excited to share 2 new powerful ways to continue our progress against cancer: art and music. Famous artists and musicians are joining us by donating their talent and creativity to save more lives and inspire everyone to take action in the fight.

Come see our next big step in the fight against cancer at

Go to

How can you help? Check out today to support the fight against cancer in new and fun ways:

  • Browse our birthday gallery to see the artists and musicians who have come together to fight back against cancer.
  • Choose a musician to sing "Happy Birthday" to someone you care about, or use art to send a memorable birthday greeting.
  • Buy wrapping paper and posters using art inspired by the fight against cancer.
  • Tell everyone what "more birthdays" means to you and get a birthday sword to share on your social networks.

All of us at the American Cancer Society are committed to keep fighting with everything we have. We want to see a world where we're saving tens of thousands more birthdays from cancer every day and beyond. Will you help us get there?

Go to

Here's to you,

Your friends at the American Cancer Society

P.S. If you haven't already joined the American Cancer Society's movement for more birthdays, learn more and join for free today at

See how artists and musicians were inspired by the American Cancer Society.

Click to learn more.

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