one Week with an iPad and a Simpler path

Well it's been one week with an iPad and I am loving it, and now my wife wants one too.

I didn't get an iPad or any other tablet when they first hit shelves because I didn't see the need in my situation. I have a 13: MacBook Pro, very portable and very capable. Most of what I do needs a keyboard and a flight of desktop apps.

What changed? Well, over the past few weeks, I've made a move towards simplifying my life  and minimizing my footprint. Along those lines, I have gone as close to paperless as reasonably possible and have converted all of my content to digital; magazines, book purchases, pictures and most of my documents. This is in addition to the other digital content I already consume; news, blogs, social media, etc.

I was keeping my eye on the coming Android Tablets, as I use an Adroid phone and like the platform, but the offering were disappointing at best. 

What prompted me to make the move?

Instead of sitting in the recliner with a book or magazine, I found myself sitting there with my Laptop . . . reading. Now this is OK, but when there's a better way...

how i use the iPad. I find that in the morning, I don't have to open the Laptop till I actually have work to do. I can use the iPad to go through the morning e-mail, check my Social Media feeds, browse my RSS feed, update my Calendar and check last night's box scores.

I am on the Laptop pretty much the rest of the day, but when evening comes, I grab the iPad for my evening digital consumption.

I have very little music on it and no games, I didn't get it for that, I got for digital consumption and it does very good at that.

We'll see how it wears a work hat over the next few weeks, but it already does what I expected it to, so anything else is a bonus.


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