O'oma Fulfills Kona CDP Coastal Open Space Goal

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The purposes of the Kona CDP are:
  • Articulate Kona's residents' vision for the North and South Kona districts;
  • Guide and accommodate regional growth and development;
  • Provide a feasible plan to improve existing infrastructure and support future growth;
  • Direct growth to appropriate areas;
  • Create a partnership plan of action where to improve the quality of life in Kona;
  • Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the plan
Kona CDP Seeks to Protect Coastal Open Space - Ooma Beachside Village Fulfills that Goal.

The Kona CDP does not prohibit development of coastal properties.  In fact, the Kona CDP anticipates development of coastal lands and encourages a policy to protect coastal open space. 

With respect to coastal development:

"... it shall be a priority of the County to maintain a minimum of 1,000-foot open space no-build setback for undeveloped lands adjacent to the shoreline, on parcels which currently exceed 1,000 feet in depth, in discretionary land use approvals such as SMA major permits, rezonings, and state land use boundary amendments"

Ooma exceeds this setback policy and has a minimum 1,100-foot coastal setback.  In addition, Ooma includes a public shoreline park in this coastal open space, connecting with its neighbors, as called for in the Kona CDP.

Kona community created the Kona CDP with the vision of open space along the shoreline.  Ooma is giving the community what it wanted, at no cost to the County or the public.

Ooma coastal preserve and open space
o'oma coastal open space

Standing at the 1,100 foot shoreline setback, looking makai

o'oma open space

Others have recognized the important, positive steps that Ooma has taken to address the community vision for coastal open space and encourage others to follow the Ooma lead:

Former Mayor Harry Kim in Support of Ooma Beachside Village

"It is not often that I find myself in the position of writing to anyone in appreciation and support of a developer. From the beginning of our administration, it was recognized that there must be a change in mentality about development on this island. The most difficult part of this was to get developers to understand and accept that their development plans must embrace certain goals in the design of their project. The added difficulty of this was that in accepting these goals, it would not necessarily increase the profit or value added to the project."

"The willingness from the onset of 'O'oma to work with the County and the community in the development of this property was truly admirable and totally appreciated. I can honestly say that this developer has worked with the community to make sure the proposal is consistent with what is included in the Kona CDP. It was from 'O'oma that came forth the pledge to this community that the coastal area of 'O'oma's property will be developed in complete harmony and agreement that the ocean and its beaches belong to the people. It was 'O'oma that said publicly from the onset that the design will be in harmony with the neighbors of Kohanaiki, that the setback will far exceed any requirements, and that access and open space will be a chief focus of its coastal planning. It was 'O'oma that pledged the setback of 1,200 to 1,700 feet and a shoreline park."

UH Sea Grant College Program & Center for Smart Building and Community Design
"The University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program and the Center for Smart Building and Community Design applaud the positive steps toward a new model of development for Hawai'i that represents the virtues mentioned above. We expect future developments to follow these Best Planning Practices in the future."

Royal Order of Kamehameha I - Moku O Hawaii
"Your handling of the many sensitive issues regarding coastal development of your project is commendable. Having said that, the Ooma Beachside Village vision and design stands as an example for other developers to follow. The Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Moku O Kona, quietly monitors developments such as this to ensure that culture sites are not affected. Your 1,100 foot shoreline setback distances are refreshing to say the least. This is the first of its kind and we commend your planners and designers in protecting this area."

PlaceMakers (County Consultant for Honokohau TOD & Kona CDP Design Guidelines)
"'O'oma is an excellent example of a new planning paradigm that allows residents to live, work and play all in the same community. This Traditional Neighborhood Design approach is an alternative to conventional suburban sprawl and focuses on creating vibrant communities, preserving open space and reducing congestion by providing for residents' many day-to-day needs within the community, thus minimizing trips to outside areas."

Hawaii County Planning Department Testimony in Support of the Petition of Ooma Beachside Village
"All residences will be set back a minimum of 1,100 feet from the shoreline, which will encourage traditional and cultural uses at the shoreline area."  "(T)he 18-acre Shoreline Park will provide greater public access to the coastline and enhance the opportunities to engage in traditional cultural practices. As such, the proposed project will not impact traditional and customary native Hawaiian access and use rights."

`O`oma is the right project, in the right place, being developed at the right time.

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