The March to Minimalism…or the 2 year AHA! Moment.

There comes a point in mid-life when one realizes their life's journey is more near the end than the beginning, though that's purely conjecture, as we all know the end can come at any time - but back to my point-  I've gone through most of my years doing the things I needed to do to make a living and raise my daughter (she's 25 now), along way being involved in, what I perceived at the time, pretty good relationships and also along the way accumulating a lot of stuff; books, magazines, furniture, trophies, sports stuff, hats (lots of hats), electronics and just stuff.  Recently I came to the realization that I really have too much stuff, and as I top out the hill and start "over the Hill" this stuff could get pretty heavy.
Five years ago I met the woman I will spend the rest of my life with (s
ide note: this is why I said my other relationship were perceivably good, they don't compare to this one
).  When we decided we were going to get married, we entered into a mortgage (rather large) for a beautiful home. We both had good careers and this is what you are supposed to do,

Then the market crashed. We couldn't sell a condo we needed to sell, the value of the home dropped by 25%, I lost my job in a cost cutting move and . . . things changed.  Over the past few month, while starting my own business, fighting with our m
ortgage lender over getting our mortgage restructured and facing mortality, my ideas about how I want to live and what want to have has changed dramatically. Part of this may be the financial situation, but really, most of it is having the right person in your life, the needs I have in my own business and realizing I can do what I do now with much less.

I really no longer feel a need to live in a big house with lots of stuff.  A few months ago, I unloaded a whole storage locker of personal stuff accumulated over 30 years. I have always been an avid reader and had many many books as a result. Dozens and dozens of books have been donated. I found an app called Evernote ( and have scanned over 2000 documents and shredded the paper. I run my entire business from a MacBook Pro and really try to avoid paper. 
One of my influences has been the Minimal Mac Website Real cool minimalistic ideas
This is from the site: "The philosophy of minimalism, as I see it, is having exactly what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. It’s not about just less, it’s about just right."

Finally, The final influence on my new behavior, I am seeing my Dad work so hard at finding a place to dispense of everything he has accumulated over the years. It's almost a full time job. I don't want to wait.

Whatever ends up happening with the home, I am inextricably on the path to minimalism and simplification. I am putting expiration dates on things. If I don't use them by the date, they're gone. I'll update my progress.


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