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Working with Ooma Beachside Village for over a year the National Park Service reached an agreement with Ooma in January of this year on protective measures to address potential threats to water quality and water quantity.

 The National Park Service does not object to the change from Conservation to Urban land use at Ooma provided that the terms of the agreement are implemented as part of Ooma project.

 Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park was authorized by Congress in 1978 to preserve, interpret, and perpetuate traditional native Hawaiian activities and culture, and to demonstrate historic land use patterns (Public Law 95-625). Water quantity and quality are vital to the integrity of this mission.

 `O`oma is committed to protect our natural resources and has entered into an agreement with the National Park that addresses the shared concern for Water, Wastewater, Monitoring, Runoff and Pollution Prevention:

 Water - Potable water is intended to be provided through a reverse osmosis desalinization plant ("Desal Plant"). The Water        Board has expressed its support for the development of the Desal Plant and for the dedication of the plant and related facilities to the Department of Water Supply.

 Wastewater - A private wastewater treatment plant is planned and will produce R-1 quality effluent, which could be used for irrigation purposes within `O`oma Beachside Village.

 Groundwater Monitoring - `O`oma will develop a groundwater monitoring plan that will include a network of monitoring wells (1 hydrologically located up-gradient from the developed areas within the Project and 2 hydrologically located down-gradient) and a sampling and analysis plan that will analyze pH, temperature, salinity, nitrate, ammonia, dissolved organic nitrogen, total dissolved solids, total nitrogen, phosphate, dissolved organic phosphorus and total phosphorous.

 Storm and Surface Water Runoff - `O`oma shall implement and maintain storm and surface-water runoff best management practices ("BMPs"), designed, to the extent practicable, to treat the first-flush runoff volume to remove floatants and suspended solids from storm and surface-water runoff, and to prevent pollutants from reaching the water table.

 Pollution Prevention - `O`oma will develop a Pollution Prevention Plan that: (i) provides BMPs for pollution prevention for all uses allowed within `O`oma Beachside Village; and (ii) addresses environmental stewardship and the non-point sources of water pollution that can be generated from any uses allowed within `O`oma Beachside Village.

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UH Sea Grant College Program and the Center for Smart Building and Community Design

The Agreement between Ooma Beachside Village, LLC and the National Park Service has been reviewed and we feel that this agreement outlines the issues and responsibilities of the LLC thoroughly. This agreement relates to Storm and Surface Water Runoff, Pollution Prevention, Wastewater, Water Use and Groundwater Monitoring.

Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber is in support of the reclassification of approximately 181 of their 300 acre property from Conservation to Urban District use for the following reasons:
- Ooma is drafting a use for this property that is respectful of and consistent with our Kona Community    Development Plan.
- Ooma has entered into an agreement with the National Park Service addressing water, wastewater, runoff and pollution prevention and feel this offers evidence Ooma will ensure the protection of our water quality and quantity.
 - Ooma has presented a plan that incorporates the preservation of open space, responsible shoreline setback distances, a residential coastline community design that encourages sustainability and efficiency, a charter school component and affordable housing opportunities.

`O`oma is the right project, in the right place, being developed at the right time.

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