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old school cadillac

I used to keep a lot of stuff in my car – mostly junk.  The new me, though, is new & improved and I try to keep only what I truly need in there. Here are 5 of these bad boys below. There are others too, of course, but these are the ones that always seem to save me. Either in money or frustration :) Pay attention!

  1. A handful of $1 bills. Coins would do too, but really only if we’re talking quarters.  I like to keep 5 or 6 dollar bills on hand just in case of an emergency. And for tolls, yard sales, homeless donations, must have slurpees, an extra gallon of gas, you get the picture.
  2. Anything you need to return or donate. I talked about this on my one and only radio appearance last Christmas, but basically these all go in the trunk to make sure you actually DROP THEM OFF.  If you’re anything like me you always remember to do this sorta stuff when you’re driving.  Usually right past the store ;)
  3. Bed Bath & Beyond coupons! (Or any other kind that come in handy -  like those entertainment books you all seem to like so much :)) You’ll never forget to save 20% again!  Also, those “buy 10 lunches get the 11th FREE” cards are smart to keep there too.  Us guys don’t have the luxury of toting around purses.
  4. A backpack w/ extra set of clothes – You won’t believe the number of times this comes in handy.  In fact, I need to start doing this again because I’ve been out of practice so long! Other things to keep in the bag: toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant (could all be travel sized), and socks.  Can never have too many extra socks laying around.
  5. One “Power CD”. The one that makes you feel all kinds of confident and jovial no matter what mood you’re in! This is very important.  Sometimes you just need to blast some tunes and tell the whole world you’re coming (especially if there are some fine ladies nearby). Note: Justin Bieber won’t cut it.  Justin Timberlake, however, will. “I’m bringin’ budgets back (Yup!), them other boys don’t know how to ac (Yup!)”

I think that about covers it.  Am I missing anything?  Sometimes I like to keep hand sanitizer around for when my donuts and coffee spill everywhere (Oh, napkins are good ideas too!) but other than that I keep the ride pretty bare necessitied (new word). Cars just get cluttered so fast, ya know?

Some ideas from my Twitter friends:

(I couldn’t help it – they’re so smart!)

twitter car responses

Hopefully these will spark some ideas for what YOU’d feel comfortable with! As long as alcohol isn’t one of them, I think you’ll be set. But remember, no Bieber.

(Pimp Caddy shot by linz_ellinas)

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