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The County General Plan is the policy document for the long range comprehensive development of the island.  Based on the community's visions, values and priorities, the General Plan guides the pattern of future development on the island.

 Similarly, although on a smaller, community scale, the Kona Community Development Plan (Kona CDP) directs growth to appropriate areas according to the community's vision for the North and South Kona districts.

 Both the General Plan and the Kona CDP anticipate population growth in Kona over the next couple of decades.  Each Plan has been adopted by the County Council and signed into law (via County ordinance) by the Mayor.

 The General Plan seeks orderly development and Kona CDP has a guiding principle of directing growth to compact, walkable mixed-use villages located along proposed transit routes.

  • Ooma Beachside Village will be a diverse coastal residential community, designed as a walkable, interconnected, environmentally-conscious, mixed-use community with diverse housing options, focused on the local, primary-resident market.
Both the General Plan and the Kona CDP direct the future residential growth to the area north of Kailua to the Kona Airport - the General Plan refers to this as the "Urban Expansion Area"; the Kona CDP calls it the "Kona Urban Area."
  • Ooma Beachside Village is within the Urban Expansion Area and the Kona CDP Kona Urban Area
The General Plan and Kona CDP do prohibit development of coastal properties.  In fact, the Kona CDP anticipates development of coastal lands and encourages a policy of retaining a 1,000-foot setback open space on these coastal lands.
  • Ooma has a minimum 1,100-foot coastal setback, exceeding the open space called for in the Kona CDP
  • Ooma includes the public shoreline park connecting with its neighbors, called for in the Kona CDP
The General Plan and Kona CDP seek Concurrency of regional infrastructure
  • The next phase of Queen Kaahumanu Highway expansion is underway and will be completed prior to Ooma
  • Ooma is committed to construct its portion of the makai frontage road (the secondary transit route) called for in the Kona CDP and will incorporate the County's transit program
  • Ooma's preferred water source is desalination (the County Board of Water Supply has adopted a resolution supporting Ooma's plans)
  • Ooma proposes an on-site wastewater treatment facility (to R-1 standards) and proposes reuse of the treated water on-site.
  • Ooma includes a site for a charter school, adjacent to the mauka mixed-use village and the community park

Ooma conforms with and implements the County General Plan & Kona CDP.

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Hawaii County Planning Dept. Testimony in Support of the Ooma Beachside Village Petition
"The Project is consistent with the guiding principles and major strategies of the Kona Community Development Plan (KCDP)"  "The reclassification action would also be consistent with applicable goals and policies of the Hawaii County General Plan and the Kona Community Development Plan." "The requested classification from the Conservation to the Urban District will not have an adverse impact on the resources within the area."

PlaceMakers (County Consultant for Honokohau TOD & Kona CDP Design Guidelines)
"Overall, the 'O'oma Beachside Village is consistent with and conforms to the Kona CDP and with only minor refinements the Master Plan could serve as an excellent example of a TND."  "'O'oma Beachside Village Master Plan illustrates consistency with the Kona CDP Village Design Guidelines and its guiding principles, goals, objectives, policies and actions."

National Park Service Testimony of No Objection to the Petition of Ooma Beachside Village
"The National Park Service does not object to the Petition for a Boundary Amendment as set forth in the Petition (and supporting documents) provided that the Development Conditions are implemented as part of Petitioner's Project." "Working with the Petitioner for over a year, the National Park Service reached agreement with the Petitioner on protective measures to address potential threats to water quality and water quantity."

Royal Order of Kamehameha I - Moku O Hawaii
"Your handling of the many sensitive issues regarding coastal development of your project is commendable. Having said that, the Ooma Beachside Village vision and design stands as an example for other developers to follow. The Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Moku O Kona, quietly monitors developments such as this to ensure that culture sites are not affected. Your 1,100 foot shoreline setback distances are refreshing to say the least. This is the first of its kind and we commend your planners and designers in protecting this area."

`O`oma is the right project, in the right place, being developed at the right time.

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