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This was sent to me -  - anyone who can help, give her a call.

Randy Botti

I am the point person for CCI (Center for Cultural Interchange) for placing foreign exchange students in West Hawaii.  This is a program funded by the US State Department.  I have students from the former Soviet republics, as well as Muslim youths, and I even have a few Western European kids. In addition to yourselves, I thought that perhaps some of the families you know might be interested in hosting a student for the coming school year.   AND…..if not this year, then perhaps next year or next semester.
I  have many  boys and girls, with a variety of interests to suit any family.  Some like to cook, some are interested in sports, others only want to study. Some sing or dance, others love music,  art or poetry. Most are about 16, usually juniors, although I have a few younger ones.  Most stay for a school year, but occasionally some are placed first with a welcoming family for 2 or 3 months and then change to a second family.  Anything is possible! They have been selected from tens of thousands of applicants.  They are the cream of the crop. BUT…..we have to get them here.  For that, I need families.  Single, married, widowed, gay, it doesn’t matter as long as you are willing to make it a great experience.
I have  personally been hosting students for 10 years and just sent home Liliya from Siberia after a year at Konawaena .  She was my 12th student.  I will have a young girl from Tajikistan arriving in August!  My kids grew up with foreign students and have gone on to year abroad programs themselves.
ALSO: If you could forward this email, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to share this info with more potential host families.  Time is off the utmost urgency now, as we only have 3 weeks before school starts in Hawaii.   This opportunity to host extends to anywhere on the mainland as well, so please don’t limit your forwarding just to Hawaii!
My phone number is (808) 323 2117 if anyone would just like to ask me questions. 
 Or they can go to our website: and click on HOSTING and fill out the form.  This just allows me to put students’ bios on their page for them to CONSIDER.    
That’s all I am asking  :  Just consider the idea of hosting! 
Thanks very much! 
Aloha, PAMELA WANG in Kealakekua

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