Sad the see the Honolulu Advertiser go

Truth of the matter is, I haven't bought a newspaper in months, I get my news from Twitter, Blogs, Google News and news websites. I had to go buy today's final copy of the Honolulu Advertiser.

It kind of feels like the passing of an old friend that you haven’t been in touch with for some time. Growing up, I had both a Honolulu Advertiser and Star Bulletin paper route at different times. I had the afternoon Star Bulletin route when I was younger and afternoons were free, but when sports became a priority, I switched to a Morning Advertiser route. These days paper routes are run by adults in cars, zipping around neighborhood, in our day, it was on your bike, with that big canvas bag on your handlebars. We did collections, door to door, we hated the PTOs (Pay to Office - mail ins), we didn't a tip or a holiday gift.

I had the route on Kahala Avenue all the way to Waialae Country Club and a few side streets, mostly PTOs, but I was lucky to have many generous customers.

As a young adult and an avid sports fan, I bought the Advertiser Every Morning to check Major League Box Scores, or College scores, Joe Moore's Sports report was good, but no details.
Now I go to ESPN.COM.

After moving to Hawaii Island I kind of last touch with my old friend the Honolulu Advertiser, save for the morning after the Molokai Channel races, or when we needed O`ahu Canoe race results . . . then came the internet.
I think what I will really miss are the Memories . . and the idea of the Honolulu Advertiser, I already get new somewhere else

Aloha and Good luck the the loyal employees that are taking on a new chapter in their lives, not by their own choice. That happened to me later last year, but I'm doing OK, Keep your head up and chase a dream.

a hui hou


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