Lollipops, gumdrops and cigarettes

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What's the difference? For years cigarette companies were set on teaching our children and teens that there wasn't one. But last year, all of that changed. 

Thanks to the hard work of ACS CAN members like you, one year ago we pushed our leaders in Washington to pass monumental legislation to regulate the marketing of tobacco products to children and teens. 

We’ve taken fruit and candy-flavored cigarettes off store shelves -- and by the end of June, cigarette labels like “light” or “mild” will be off the shelves, too. 

Will you help ACS CAN pass the next monumental bill to fight cancer? Donate $10 to ACS CAN now: 

As we celebrate this incredible anniversary, we have our sights set on the future. We have a full state and federal legislative agenda to boost cancer research funding, increase access to cancer screenings, and expand smoke-free regulations. 

These legislative battles aren’t easy. In fact, the bill to regulate tobacco marketing took over 10 years of hard work, the support of 79 Senators, and 70 percent support of the American public before it was finally put into action. 

So as ACS CAN celebrates the one-year anniversary of the law passing, we won’t forget the effort that it took -- and the effort it will continue to take to win the fight against cancer. 

We will look to the days ahead with a renewed sense of commitment to our mission. Will you help us continue making cancer a national priority with a $10 donation? 

No matter how you package it -- in bright colors or flavored candy apple -- there is nothing acceptable about targeting children to create a new generation of smokers and cancer patients. 

Thanks for putting a stop to it. I look forward to seeing the impact we will make next year. 

All the best, 

Erin O’Neill 


Posted via email from Relay For Life High Plains Division Blog