#Marriott and #Interval International miss the mark

Or, my first experience in a Time Share in Hawaii - part 1

You can't hide the massive growth of time share properties in Hawaii. It's won't be long before time share's out number regular old hotel rooms.

My wife, Ann, has a time share that she inherited from her divorce at the Sand of Kahana on Maui. This time share is registered with Interval International, which gives her the benefit of banking it and using it at another property practically anywhere. Ann's Sands of Kahana time share is a 2 bedroom deluxe unit which has a higher trade value.

We chose to take this vacation on O`ahu, saving on airfare and travel time, giving us more time and money to play. The Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club is a very nice property, when you're here, you're in a different world.

We stayed here when we came to O`ahu for a wedding lat summer, but that wasn't  a vacation. For that trip we weren't really happy with the room, it was a ground floor room in the back of the property at the very end, on the windy side, next to the parking lot, but we were here for a wedding and basically just needed a room.
This time we had hoped for a better room, but got exactly the same room. When you walk the property and see the vast number of rooms, it's hard to understand why we would get the same "lame room" two years in a row. When we called, they said there was nothing they could do.

The location of the room is not as much of an issue as much as the fact that we are in a room smaller than our Master Bedroom at home with no kitchen or room to spread out.  I don't fully understand the relationship between Interval International and Marriott due to a lack of transparency about their offerings, but they were both telling us they couldn't do anything and pointed fingers at the other.
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They blew it.

Part 2 will be my impression of the Mexican street market atmosphere at this property, or "this is where the airlines learned to charge us for EVERYTHING"


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