iPad vs the Field

This is a hard one, I love my MacBook and my iPod touch, the Mac Mini is a very able home computer. My Apple products just work. The thing that has made me stop and think before diving into getting an iPad is thinking about what I really want to use it for and the closed environment.

The apple computer environment is not closed, there is more software than I would ever use, no worry there. The iPod environment is closed, but I don't expect it to be open. For me the iPod touch is a music player that does some other cool things like check email and my Social Media. I have a bunch of apps on it and don't use most of them. I use it mostly for music and Podcasts.

I also have a Kindle, which is a more than adequate book and blog reader.

That brings us to the Tablet (iPad). My use for a Tablet would be that device that I take somewhere instead of my MacBook, so I expect t get the software I want on it and have it multitask. I want to hook it up to my Mac to drag and drop. Someday it may replace my Kindle, but no rush on that.

I do a lot in the clouds, so I need a good browser and good display, the iPad very good on these points, but my reluctance is with my previous points.

I had a chance to play with the iPad, it's cool, it's responsive, it's Apple, but that's not to say that Dell's upcoming tablet running Andoid won't also be Cool and responsive, time will tell.

This all being said, I think I'm gonna wait for the field and see what device will get me really what I want

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