Friday Funny 81: How to Get Your Lost Camera Returned

This guy has TOTALLY figured this out. He left this series of photos on his camera in case he lost it. So smart. And so funny. I love his facial expressions. I think we'd be friends if we ever met.

In my last post, I asked for some help with my swim kick. Many of you gave me some great thoughts / tips. So check out the comments in my last post for some good ideas, or even leave your own ideas / drills / thoughts.

I tweeted SwimMD regarding my predicament, and he sent me 3 videos that give pointers on kicking: the first is on flutter kick basics, the second is a 6-kick switch drill, and the third is about 10-kick flutter variations. I learned a LOT in the first video. Check them out. Thanks SwimMD!!

Happy Friday!!

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