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Cancer patients and their families were hit with a disappointing blow last week.

ACS CAN fought all year for an increase in cancer research funding, but at the last minute, the Senate called off a vote for a bill that would have included a funding increase for cancer research and prevention programs.

That means that, as of now, there will be no increase in federal funding for cancer research, screenings and prevention for 2011. That’s money that would have gone directly to improving the lives of millions of Americans.

In the face of this setback, we must do more in 2011: ACS CAN will speak louder and push lawmakers harder. And we will not hesitate to call on you to take action.

We give you that promise. Now, what will you do in 2011?

It's important to remember that this fight happens every year. That’s why we need your support in the New Year.

The federal government is the nation’s biggest funder of cancer research, supporting life-saving clinical trials and medical research, which will someday lead to new cancer treatments. Now is not the time to halt such progress.

By failing to increase funding, Congress is going to slow down research taking place in every state, including Hawaii. Without an increase in funding in 2011, we could see fewer than 1 in 6 research projects receive funding -- the lowest rate in more than 40 years.

By taking action in 2011, you can change that future. By pressuring lawmakers and insisting cancer research matters, next year will be different.

Tell us what you're willing to do in 2011 by clicking on one of the links above.


Brian Rubenstein


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