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These are great.


As much as we flatter ourselves at being the world's foremost purveyor of suffering in the world, the honest truth is there's only so much pain you can inflict when you are a small, privately-held corporation. We do what we can- but when it comes to the whole infliction of absolutely misery upon huge populations, we ultimately have to defer to our betters- in government and in industry.

Our latest DespairWear tees actually pay deferential honor to one of the greatest inflictors of annoyance and psychic trauma in recent memory- the Transportation Security Administration. When your very own government presents you with the choice to either have your no-no parts fondled by folks that even the Department of Motor Vehicles wouldn't hire OR to become the inadvertent star of a monochromatic porn film that will forever be archived and might one day even end up on Wikileaks, well, then you bloody well have ended up in an Orwell novel. And that's far more misery-inducing than anything Despair, Inc. has been able to come up with. Yet.

Hence our latest fashion statement- Official TSA tees. While we're retailing these to the outside world for $17.95- we're offering you Wailing List subscribers your chance to save $3 on either- or both- when you order before end-of-day Monday.

All you need to do- after adding either/both tees to your cart- is use the coupon code feelingonyourbooty. (Yeah, I know the R. Kelly song is actually "Feelin' On Yo Booty" but I'm trying to keep the errors to a minimum. So just copy it and paste it in...)

So there you go. Load up. Especially make sure you get one or two for the next time you hit the airport. You'll be the life of the security line! (Until you flagged for being such a troublemaker... Or impersonating a TSA employee. Like anybody would even want to...)

We have a running bet up here- how long until we get hit with a Cease-And-Desist from the Department of Homeland Security... Yeah, we'll cease-and-desist selling these tees when you cease-and-desist all your "we got an opt-out!" pseudo-dramas and grabbing on our hinders and man parts. Although, who knows? Maybe they just call in a missile strike at this point?

Now I'm annoyed. Ima go get my drink on now... Peace out.


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