Randy, it's time to talk to candidates

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Cancer touches us all -- and that makes it an important issue every election.

This fall, ACS CAN has approached federal candidates around the country to ask them where they stand on three questions, each touching on a critical issue to our community. We haven't spoken to everyone though, and that's where you come in.

Will you pledge to ask your candidates for U.S. House and Senate these three questions for ACS CAN? Click the link and we’ll know that you’re contacting your candidates. We’ll follow up with you to find out what they said.


On our website, you'll find some more detailed instructions and a few tips for talking to your candidates. The three questions are straightforward and simple, and were developed with you in mind -- your thoughts, your concerns, your community:

  • Should Congress double funding for cancer research within the next eight years?
  • Should Congress support implementation of the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?
  • Should Congress increase the federal tobacco tax in order to help improve public health and save lives?
By asking your local candidates these questions, you'll be stressing that you want cancer research and funding kept at the top of the legislative priority list.

Help us make sure cancer remains an important issue to all candidates on the campaign trail. Ask them the three questions today:


Thanks for your support!

Brian Rubenstein

Posted via email from Relay For Life High Plains Division Blog