Do you hate your website?

Really . . . do you absolutely dread your own website? 
Is it impossible to update?
Can you even find the person who built it to do any updates? 
Or maybe they just take so long to answer emails that you just stop trying.

Maybe you tried to do it yourself, you saw those GoDaddy or Homestead commercials that made it look so easy, but when you really got into it, it wasn't that easy. Then you found that you didn't really have the time to do it yourself after all.

Then there's the issue of how much you paid for that professional "web developer" . The common number I hear is "my site cost me $5000".

You need to ask yourself if having a site you don't like, can't update and probably doesn't represent your business worth keeping out there, even if you did pay $5000. Do you keep a piece of ineffective equipment that you can't update in your business. Would you keep a car that doesn't work and can't be fixed.

Your Website may be one of your most under utilized assets.

Here's the promo.

I can build your business a new website for $400 in most cases. Maybe a little more for a complex site.
I strongly suggest starting from scratch. Let's move your web address (URL) and start clean.
Your site can have multiple pages, a blog or journal, photo gallery, forms, eStore / eCommerce, videos, drop box module, surveys, domain based email addresses, it will look the way you want and be easy for your customers to use. You also get unlimited bandwidth and storage so your site can grow.

Your new site will also be search engine friendly and connected to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other networks you need to be connected to.

I remind my clients that their business is not a static enterprise, but a dynamic, ever changing organization. Your website should reflect this and be just as dynamic and fresh.

For most clients my fee for hosting and maintenance is $30 per month.  I stay involved and help you keep your website where it needs to be. I have an interest in your continued success.

Let's Wala`au (talk) about what your website can and should be.

Randy Botti
mobile: (808)557-9857 -

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